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A new era for MSMEs

We are here to help move your small business to the next level by providing you with relevant and timely support.

NBSSI was established by an Act of the Parliament of the Third Republic of Ghana (Act 434 of 1981) and operationalized in 1985 because Government views the sector as having the potential to contribute substantially to reducing the high unemployment rate as well as the growth of the economy of Ghana. MSEs account for a significant share of economic activity in Ghana and can play an important role in achieving the development goals for production. The long-term goal is for MSEs to maximise their contribution to the country’s economic and social development with respect to production, income distribution and employment and the closer integration of women and people in rural areas into the national economy.

In order to create a single dynamic integrated organization adequately capitalized and capable of responding to the needs of the small-scale enterprises sector, the Government merged the Ghanaian Enterprises Development Commission (GEDC) in 1991 and the Cottage Industries Division of the Department of Rural Housing and Cottage Industries in 1994 with the Board.

Based on Parliamentary Act 434 establishing NBSSI and NRCD 330 (the GEDC promulgation Instrument) the following objectives guide the operations of NBSSI:

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These are the women and men doing the work that makes it possible for us to support small businesses across the country.
For our news and press releases as well as the opportunity to receive regular alerts about NBSSI events.
If you are planning a new business or has no idea how to go about it, our team is ready to support you.

NBSSI Head Office. Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue, Next to Kempinski Hotel, Accra

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