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Northern Region

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Construction of a Materials Store Room

Storage room available was used solely for storing finished products and there was no space for storing raw materials. Therefore, raw materials were not properly packed and moving it to the point of use was time consuming and. The project team newly constructed material store room for raw material and others. It results in creating enough space for storing raw material and getting the raw materials closer to the milling and crushing room where it is needed.

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Improved Cooling Rack

The company directly placed molded and baked bread on the ground to cool them.

In addition to that, workers carried them one by one when they were transported.

The company procured a new cooling rack and this makes transportation easy and cooling fast.

Before KIAZEN, workers use 35 minutes to transport 10 boxes of baked bread to cooling tables. After KAIZEN, the time is reduced to 9 minutes. Also, before KAIZEN, the space use for cooling 10 boxes of baked bread is 7.2m2 and after the introduction of the new cooling rack, the space is reduced to 1.82m2 for the same quantity of baked bread.

Brong Ahafo Region

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Delivery Control Board

The company did not have a delivery control board. This situation allowed only the stock officer to have knowledge of the finished products delivery schedules of the company. The team together with management constructed delivery control board to be displayed at the factory premises to enable all the workers including management to be aware of the delivery schedules of its products.This board makes sure that the company delivers the products to the customers in time.

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Reorganization of Thread Stand

Threads were mixed up in a basket and a thread stand was also used to accommodate bowls and other unnecessary stuffs. Because of this situation, workers took much time to identify the thread they needed. Reoganizing the thread stand results in reducing the waste time to identify it.

Before KIAZEN, workers use 68 seconds to search thread. After KAIZEN, the time is reduced to 2 seconds.

Central Region

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Construction of Working Table and Jig

Workers had to bend to punch holes one by one in liners which poses health hazards. Introduction of working table to ease the bending effect on worker’s perforating holes in liners. In addition to that, a new jig was developed to puch 19 holes in a liner at one go with the idea of reducing processing time leading to increase of productivity.

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Central Oil Mill

Construction of “Seiton” Board

Tools were kept in a box and it made difficult to identify and pick an appropriate tool. The team constructed Seiton Board and proposed that tools which were kept in tool box should be hanged on a Seiton Board to make it easier for operators to identify and locate the needed tools without wasting much time.

Before KIAZEN, workers use 240 seconds to search an appropriate tool. After KAIZEN, the time is reduced to 20 seconds.

Ashanti Region

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Metal Rack for Last Sizes

Different last sizes kept in rack without being arranged according to sizes. Management and team constructed a new rack which make it much easier for workers to identify and select last sizes to work with.

Before KAIZEN, workers use 240 seconds to search last sizes. After KAIZEN, the time is reduced to 5 seconds.

Greater Accra Region

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Visualization Management

To improve visualization at the company, the following documents were developed and visualized; Mission and Vision, Skill map, Organizational Chart, Code of conduct and Work Standard. A notice Board was also constructed to display the shared information.

Mission and Vision:

* Skill map: The skill map would enable management plan capacity building programmes to enhance workers’ skills and knowledge in production activities.

*Work Standard: Work Standard is to document operation standards with text and pictures and post them near work areas so that all workers can understand the standardized or appropriate work procedures.

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Introduction of Fabric Holder

Fabrics were spread on the mat at the factory floor in the cutting section. The project team constructed fabric holders to prevent fabrics from dirt and stain. It is expected that this fabric holder reduces the defect rate of the products.

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