Starfood Enterprise

Starfood Enterprise; A Success Story Of The Takoradi BRC

In 2014, the Enterprise was selected to benefit from the NBSSI-EDAIF Fund.

Star Foods Enterprise was started in the year 1997 close to the Business Advisory Center by Mr. Nicolas Fosu. Mr. Fosu is a product of Takoradi Secondary School. In 1997, the Head of the Business Advisory Centre through counselling and advisory services enabled Mr. Fosu to take the initiative to formalize his enterprise by registering with the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) and later on in 2004 with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

From 2000 onwards, Mr. Fosu through constant counseling by the BAC
officers on the need to upgrade his technical and managerial skills started participating in the NBSSI training programs. Consequently, the enterprise started keeping simple basic accounting records. In the year 2007, the Enterprise was relocated behind the Barclays Bank to enable expand its operations due to rapid demand for its products.

In 2014, the Enterprise was selected by the BAC to benefit from the NBSSI-EDAIF Fund. Fortunately, the Business was assisted with an Amount of six thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS6,000) for working capital.

At present the Enterprise has a Modern Milling Machine that is able to process twelve (12) bags of sugar and cocoa cake into powder for the local and international markets. The number of permanent employees has also increased from two (2) to ten (10). Star Foods also has a warehouse at Esipon to take care of peak demands. The Enterprise earns close to one million Two Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS1,200,000) per annum.

Today, Mr. Fosu’s life and that of his family has seen significant change for the better. He explains that he no longer relies on friends for his basic needs since he makes enough money from her cocoa and sugar processing business.
The dream of Mr. Fosu is to relocate to the rural cocoa producing area to enable him produce the cocoa cake himself. Instead of relying on Plot Enterprise in Takoradi for its raw materials which at times becomes very ot tlucfid dna evititepmoc obtain, he has gained experience from the workshops He attended. He employs part-time workers who work for Him in case of overload of work. He has acquired a distribution Van and one of his employees mentioned, she has worked with the enterprise for over eleven (11) years. The products of the business ranges from bagged sugar, sweet cocoa powder, bitter Cocoa powder. In current times the entity sells its products in Takoradi and its environs and partly in Cote D’Ivoire and in the Middle East. Attached is a photograph of the product and work in progress of the Enterprise.

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