Venia Foods

Meet the Proprietress of Venia Foods

There has been an increase in the company's sales volume

Eirene Ama Adoma Sarpong, the brain behind Venia Foods, is a 28 year old graduate of Ashesi University and now a promising entrepreneur engaged in production of mushroom products. She cultivates and sells products such as Fresh Oyster Mushroom, Mushroom Chips, Mushroom Drink, Mushroom Bread, Mushroom Stir-Fry and Mushroom Pepper Sauce (Shito) for sale to the general public within and outside her District. Her business is located at Kouttam Estates, Oyarifa in the Ga East Municipal Assembly, Abokobi.

Her father Rev. Derek Sarpong has been involved in mushroom growing for over a decade and this inspired Eirene to start a business in mushroom value addition after her university education. She has developed her own brand of products such as the mushroom chips, mushroom bread and the stir-fry in addition to the existing products being the fresh and dry oyster mushrooms and the mushroom drink. She currently runs the business herself and has no employees or apprentices.

Her first encounter with the Adentan BAC was in September 2014 through her father who is the Patron of Adentan Healthy Foods Farmers Association and registered her business with the BAC that same year.

As part of the BAC’s support to her business, she has participated in a number of training programmes, Clients Exhibitions and Trade shows as well as other International Trade Fairs from which she has made considerable amount of sales and established Eirene has had an increase in demand of her products through networking because her client base has increased. She has been able to secure a market at the British Council for the Mushroom chips and drinks. This has been possible due to the number of exposures the BAC has given her. There has been an increase in her sales volume simply because her knowledge in business management and marketing of her products has been broadened through the services provided by the Centre.

In the near future, Eirene plans to expand her business in the following areas:

  • Get a better location
  • Build a factory
  • Acquire new/modern equipment
  • Employ more workers and apprentices
  • Export to the international markets

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